Home Activities

When you practice speech and language skills with your precious child at home, that can be an important way to further enhance communication skills.  This time is so valuable in terms of carrying over key speech skills throughout all areas of your child's day.  In my practice, I have noticed that the students who practice these skills at home with their parents typically make the most significant level of communication progress.  I will be including a series of various speech and language exercises within this website folder throughout the year in order to help you ufurther practice communication skills with your child at home. 

Practice with asking questions at home!

Role-playing written stories at home to inspire creativity!

Motivating Sound Games!

Practicing speech sounds can sometimes feel a bit monotonous when carrying out the same kinds of routine exercises. That’s why it is so important  to try to vary the activities for elementary school children as much as possible to keep them engaged and motivated.  Try to make 2 copies of each picture that contains a targeted speech sound.  In the example above you see speech words that start with the /K/ sound.  You can play games like “Go Fish”, “Memory”, “UNO”, “Hidden Pictures”, and “Twister” with your speech words.  It takes a little extra work for teachers and parents, but a lifetime of fun memories and mastered speech skills for each child! 

MIT Brain Research- Language Development!

A recent MIT Brain Study has indicated that children scored better on language tests and experienced higher levels of brain activity on brain scans after engaging in more back and forth conversation exchanges with others!  Try to arrange as many conversation moments with your child/children everyday as you can not only to enhance your close family bond, but to also help build strong language skills! 

Auditory Bombardment!

Motivating Speech Practice Activities using Stories!

Speech practice at home can be as simple as reading a short story, that contains your child’s challenging sounds.  By hearing the correct production of the target sound repeatedly (“auditory bombardment”), it is helping your child to know the right model to follow in order to copy that same sound. They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”- Well in the speech world that is absolutely true! Try to find as many reading and conversation opportunities as possible in order to provide an excellent speech model for your child to hear!